Online Gel Technician Certification Program

Earn your Gel Nail Technician Certification from the comforts of your own home with our in-depth, interactive, online certification program taught using only the best and highest quality brand on the market – Ugly Duckling Nails! 

This program gives you way more than the average nail course, so that you enter this amazing industry with the skills and confidence you will need to set you up for success as a certified nail technician!

How it Works!

What you can expect once you enrol in the Online Gel Certification program:

Upon purchase, you will be granted immediate access to the course. You can start working though the theoretical course study material immediately upon enrolment, while you await the arrival of your student kit items.  Once your kit items arrive, you can start working on the training hand with your new products and supplies for the hands-on gel nail training!

Throughout the program there will be detailed video instruction preparing you to complete homework assignments, which will be submitted and graded by your educator, Keesha.  Keesha will offer you detailed, visual and verbal feedback on your homework submissions, and if the submission passes the requirements, she will unlock access to next your course modules. 

We want you to be a confident, skillful nail technician after completing our course, so we really want to make sure that you have fully grasped the concepts of each assignment before being allowed to move on to the next one.  It is very important to us that we are able to see your work every step of the way, working with you to shape and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the nail industry and becoming a high-earning nail technician!

The entire course includes a total of 18 detailed modules which will include a mixture of readings and infographics from our carefully constructed manual, as well as high quality videos filmed at multiple different angles!  These modules include important topics such as:

  • Setting up your workspace
  • Salon safety and sanitation procedures
  • Ergonomics
  • Client communication
  • Manicure theory and nail anatomy
  • Enhancement Structure
  • Gel chemistry and types
  • Proper nail prep
  • Gel application
  • Hand filing and electric filing
  • Colour theory
  • French manicures
  • Fills/rebalancing
  • Troubleshooting nail repairs
  • Gel removals
  • Nail art
  • Pricing
  • Brand development
  • Photography
  • And more!

We promise you won’t leave our program with unanswered questions.  It is our mission to ensure you always feel supported as you grow and flourish in this industry. 

Our gel nail training covers much more than the basic nail knowledge taught in other courses. In contrast to the larger and more basic nail courses, this program covers ALL nail shapes. You will also learn advanced techniques such as pinching, e-file manicuring & trending nail art!  You will learn how to price your services, how to brand and market yourself, and how to grow your clientele as well. We want to ensure that you will leave our program with the skills you’ll need to run a successful business in this industry.


Student Kit

Your Ugly Duckling Nails Student Kit is included in the tuition cost.  This will be mailed directly to you from the Ugly Duckling warehouse in Victoria, BC.  Once you enrol in the program, your first assignment will be to submit your mailing address to us, so that we can get your student kit shipment processed!

The other items you will need to complete the program are linked within the course in our Amazon store.  These items total approximately $400, depending on where you are located.  Click the button below to see a full list of both the Ugly Duckling Kit items, and the Amazon kit items.




129 Lessons

$2622 CAD

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Halo

  • TWO is Better than One!

  • Secrets of Success

  • Student Kit Checklist

  • Getting Started

  • Proof of Student Kit Purchases

  • Downloadable Student Handbook

  • Setting Up Your Workspace

  • Desk Setup & Storage

  • How to Use Your Training Hand

  • Setting up your Gel Lamp, Dust Collector, and Training Hand

  • Salon Safety

  • Implement Disinfection Procedures

  • Salon Safety Mini Quiz

  • Manicure Theory

  • Module Quiz

  • Manicuring Procedures

  • Manicure Assignment

  • Enhancement Structure

  • Enhancement Structure 101

  • Enhancement Structure Quiz

  • All About Gel

  • Understanding Viscosity

  • Picking Up a Bead of Gel

  • Natural Nail Preparation

  • Nail File Grip & Motions

  • Training Hand Practice

  • Working on your Training Hand – Nail Prep Steps

  • Primer Pen

  • Nail Prep Assignment

  • Working with Gel – Silicone Thin base & Natural Nail Overlay

  • Working on your Training Hand – Silicone Thin Base

  • Working on your Training Hand – Natural Gel Overlay

  • Working on your Training Hand – Nail Guard Overlay (No Surface Filing Method)

  • Natural Nail Overlay Assignment

  • Working with Gel – Building the Shelf & Body

  • Building a Short Square Shelf

  • Short Shelf – Refining your Application

  • Avoiding Bubbles in Gel

  • Troubleshooting Form Application

  • BONUS VIDEO! Form Customization and Pinching

  • Building the Body (Method #1 Gliding Layer)

  • Building the Body – Method #2 (Building the Apex first)

  • Apex Troubleshooting

  • Module Nine – Handshaping 101

  • Square Shaping 101

  • Sculpting Square Assignment

  • Working on your Training Hand – Sculpting a Coffin – Start to Finish

  • Sculpting Coffin Assignment

  • Building the Body – Method #3 (Push & Pull)

  • Working on your Training Hand – Sculpting an Almond – Start to Finish

  • Sculpting Almond Assignment

  • Shape Changes 101

  • Shape Change Assignment

  • Please Help Us Help YOU – be honest with us and tell us what you think!

  • The World of Colours

  • Gel Polish vs Gel Paint

  • Working on your Training Hand – Gel Paint Application

  • Troubleshooting Colour Application

  • Gel Paint Application Assignment

  • Colour Mixing 101

  • Custom Colour Assignment

  • Intro to Classic French

  • Method One – Painting Your French

  • Method Two – Wiping Your French

  • Painting French Assignment

  • Electric Filing

  • Introduction to your E-File

  • Understanding E-File Bits

  • Working on your Training Hand – E Filing Square Nails (lower arch and free edge)

  • Working on your Training Hand – E Filing Square Nails (the body)

  • How to Fix a Fallen Apex (e-filing thick sidewalls and rebuilding the apex)

  • E-Filing Square Assignment

  • Working on your Training Hand – E Filing Almond Nails

  • E-Filing Almond Assignment

  • Working on your Training Hand – E Filing Coffin Nails

  • E-Filing Coffin Assignment

  • Working on Yourself – E-File Manicure

  • E-File Manicure Assignment

  • Form Customization for Problem Nails

  • Form Customization on Short or Asymmetrical Nails

  • Working on Yourself – Sculpting a Full Set

  • Sculpting on Yourself Assignment

  • Full Coffin Set on Model (pt 1) – Prep and Building the Shelf

  • Full Coffin Set on Model (pt 2) – Building the Body

  • Full Coffin Set on Model (pt 3) – E Filing the Lower Arch & Free Edge

  • Full Coffin Set on Model (pt 4) – Hand Filing to Finish File

  • Sculpting on a Model Assignment

  • Fills & Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting – Fixing a nail with Cracked Sides

  • Troubleshooting – Sealing a Nail That is Separating

  • Troubleshooting – Safely Removing a Ripped & Lifted Nail

  • Fill on Model (pt 1) – Manicure

  • Fill on Model (pt 2) – Removing Old Product

  • Fill on Model (pt 3) – Prep and Gel Fill

  • Fill on Model (pt 4) – Finish Filing

  • Nail Fill Assignment

  • Removing Gel

  • Removing Soak-Off Gel

  • Gel Removal Service with Manicure – Part One

  • Gel Removal Service with Manicure – Part Two

  • Removing a Long Nail

  • Hard Gel Removal Assignment

  • Nail Art 101

  • How to Practice Art on Plastic Nails

  • Sharpie Watercolour

  • Creating Thin Line Work

  • Gold Leaf

  • Rose Quartz

  • Working with Chrome

  • Glitter Encapsulation

  • Planning Out a Set of Nails

  • Pricing Your Services

  • Brand Development & Marketing

  • Pre-Practicum Final Exam

  • Practicum Time!

  • Practicum Assignment #1

  • Practicum Assignment #2

  • Practicum Assignment #3


Why Being a Self-Employed Nail Technician is the Ultimate Dream Job!

If you find your Pinterest and Instagram feeds filled with pictures of nails, you are most likely super passionate about the artistry behind these beautiful nail photos!  Why not turn that nail obsession into a career?!  We did!  

Make Your Own Schedule

Work hours that fit your lifestyle, whether you are looking to stack cash and work your pretty buns off, or you are a mom simply looking for a little part time work/social life. Plus, you can give yourself a vacation whenever you need it.  No need to request time off, you are your own boss!

Work That You Enjoy

It seems that everyone is simply working just to make a living. We say to hell with that! bBeing a self employed nail tech means making money AND doing something you love.    

More Money

All of the money you make goes into your own pocket. The more you work the more you earn, and it’s as simple as that. Why should anyone else get a cut of your hard earned money? Once you establish your business you could make $60+ per hour!

Loyal Client Base

Getting to know your clients on a more personal basis helps build stronger client relationships plus feels much better than general small talk that happens in salons. Once you build strong relationships with your clients, working is basically like getting paid to hang out with your friends.

No Commute to Work

We all know that awful feeling. You just got off from your 8 hour shift and now you have to drive all the way home in rush hour. Imagine finishing your work day and already being at home! Not only will this save you money on transportation, but it will free up your time to spend on more valuable things

You’re in Charge

You get to set the pricing for your services, set your own schedule, purchase your own products, decorate your salon, and establish your own policies. Most importantly you have complete control over the growth of your business and the reputation behind your brand.

Start turning your Passion into Profits!

Are you looking to dip your toes into the world of nails but without the financial commitment?

Click Here to check out our Non-Certification Course!    It’s the exact same course, just without the certification, assignments, and communication with us!  And if you enrol in our Non-Certification Course and decide that you definitely want to do nails as a career, you can transfer into the certification program at a reduced cost!

We are on a mission to raise the bar for nail education around the globe!

Our mission to improve the standard of nail education was triggered through interactions we had with people in our individual in-person academies. We started noticing a major trend in the nail world; people are paying an enormous amount of money for education that they are super unhappy with.  

This really hit home for us.  How are these institutions charging their students so much money, but leaving their students feeling lost and defeated?  This is entirely unacceptable, and this is what inspired us to improve the current education standards!  At Halo, we promise to provide the education that we feel every aspiring nail technician deserves access to! 

Why Earn your Nail Certification Online?

The ability to learn completely at your own pace and on your own schedule!

The ability to learn completely at your own pace and on your own schedule!

That's right. You define your ideal schedule for learning your new career.

A more comfortable and relaxed learning environment.

A more comfortable and relaxed learning environment.

Who wouldn't want to train for their new career in their PJ's?

A budget friendly option to start a rewarding career as a Certified Nail Technician

A budget friendly option to start a rewarding career as a Certified Nail Technician

Upgrade your career without spending a fortune.

Perfect for moms or anyone unable to make time to go to school!

Perfect for moms or anyone unable to make time to go to school!

It's tough to find time for yourself, let alone school. We got you.


Online Certification Program

Our Online Certification Program is a certification course, which means you will awarded a beautiful certificate as a “Gel Nail Technician” upon completion of the course.  Our certification course does not mean you will be licensed upon completion.  Most Canadian provinces and some states in the US do not require a license for you to work as a nail technician.  However, some do require this, and it is your responsibility to check what your local guidelines are in accordance to needing to be licensed in order to work as a nail technician prior to enrolling in this course.

Our Online Certification program does expire.  You will have one year to complete the course.  If you are unable to complete the course within that year, you will lose access to the program until arrangements have been made to extend your program access for an agreed upon fee depending on the length of the term. Extension fee for a period of “6 months” is available for the discounted price of $555 CAD and is subject to change at any time. 

Our online art and shaping courses, however, do not ever expire!  Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to these courses.

A Certification is a professional recognition of achievement.  It means you have completed theoretical and practical training in the industry with excellence.  It gives clients confidence in coming to you, knowing you have undergone proper training.  Also, it is required from most beauty suppliers before they allow you to make a purchase.  As a bonus, it will give you wholesale industry pricing and give you access to professional only products


All sales are final. Deciding to take the plunge into a new career, or invest in a nail course of any sort, isn’t a choice that should be made on a whim. We encourage all potential students to ask lots of questions before making the investment to start their education.  

Simple answer, no! You can absolutely use your phone for all training, but having a computer or something with a larger screen (ie: iPad, tablet, laptop) will really help you to be able to watch all the videos on a larger scale so you can study all of the details.

We wanted to make our courses affordable for everyone, so our payment plan means your tuition will be split into 6 equal monthly payments of the total course cost.  Your first payment will come out immediately, and the next payments will come out on the same day of the month as your initial transaction. 

If you select a payment plan option, your Ugly Duckling Student kit is included in the tuition cost, meaning that you will be paying for this within your payment plan

The remaining kit items are purchased via Amazon, which cannot be on a payment plan.

The tuition including the Ugly Duckling Student Kit is $2622 + GST. The rest of the products are available for purchase through our Amazon store and total about $400.

So the total amount is approximately $3022 for the course and all the kit items!

There are payment plans available for the $2622 tuition.  The Amazon kit items, however, will have to be paid for in full.

Because our certification is taught using Ugly Duckling, you will have to purchase the Ugly Duckling kit, but it’s honestly such an amazing kit and it’s heavily discounted for our students at $400 (regular $550).  These savings on such high quality products are well worth it! 

We totally understand that some of our students are already doing nails and already have their own supplies at home!  For any of the kit items that are not in the Ugly Duckling Kit, we will just need you to send us a picture of them so that we can make sure you have what you will need to succeed in this program!

Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to you course.  It will show up in your account “Dash Board” and will be there every time you log into your Halo account!

If there's anything we've missed email us at and we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Yay! We are so excited for you to get started!

Before you checkout, you just need to choose your payment option! 

We really want our courses to be accessible to everyone, so we now have the option for you to do a 6 month or a 9 month payment plan! 

Pay in full to pay for your full tuition (course + Ugly Duckling student kit) all at once!  Tuition is $2622 + GST.  

Paying in full instead of a payment plan means you save money on your tuition in interest fees!  Plus, sign up to be a Halo VIP Member and receive 5% off!

The payment option splits your tuition in to 6 monthly payments of $480.70. This price includes 5% interest and 5% GST. 

The first payment comes out upon sign up, and the remaining payments will continue on the same day of each month until all 6 have been completed. 

The payment option splits your tuition in to 9 monthly payments of $326.29. This price includes 7% interest and 5% GST. 

The first payment comes out upon sign up, and the remaining payments will continue on the same day of each month until all 9 have been completed. 

*coupon codes not valid for payment plan option