Christmas Nail Art Mini Course

This advanced level mini course teaches you texturing, shading, layering, advanced character art, and how to create stunning designs for the holiday season!

Learn how to use your brushes and products with total precision, resulting in beautiful and clean nail art!

 Enhancing your skill level and adding a wide array of nail art to your social media platform will land you new clients, and make you more money per service!  Plus, imagine how many more referrals you will get every time your client leaves the house with her fancy nails! 

Nail art is in such high demand

There’s never been a better time to invest in your nail education and be able to provide your clients with the nails of their dreams!


6 Lessons

$88 CAD

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Halo!

  • Referral Program

  • Ugly Sweater Nails

  • Holo Peppermint Swirl

  • The Grinch (part 1)

  • The Grinch (part 2)

  • Textured Gingerbread Man (part 1)

  • Textured Gingerbread Man (part 2)

  • Glitter Plaid

  • Christmas Ornaments (part 1)

  • Christmas Ornaments (part 2)

  • Let Us Know What You Think!

What makes Halo stand out from other academies?

Unlike other nail courses, Halo is actually curated by two well-established nail artists that are both currently major influencers in the nail industry!  

Unfortunately, we have noticed that a lot of nail courses are taught by uninspired nail techs who are tired of doing nails and started teaching as a result.  Sadly, their lack of passion shows in their students’ work.  We started teaching, however, for the exact opposite reason!  We actually started teaching because we are so passionate about what we do and want nothing more than to help others build businesses like ours!  We LOVE nails, and it shows in our education and students work!

We have real, hands-on experience that is up to date with the hottest trends and techniques, as well as valuable insight for our students on how to become self made boss babes like us!

Did You Know…

Your nail education is a tax write off?  That’s right!  Just save your e-receipt when you purchase any of our courses and give it to your accountant when you file your taxes!