Advanced Gel Structure & E-Filing

This Advanced Level Course was designed for anyone  looking to refine their skill level with gel sculpting, pinching, form customization, shaping, and e-filing!  Enrol now if you are ready to step up your nail game! 

Level Up

During this Advanced Course we teach in-depth sculpting, form customization, pinching, e-filing and hand shaping methods for achieving flawlessly shaped nail enhancements! 

The Student Handbook PDF’s are specifically geared around mastering your techniques as a nail technician. The videos are filmed by both instructors from multiple different angles, making them super easy to follow along with and ensuring that you don’t miss a thing. 

We also cover common mistakes in detail to really help you develop an understanding of where you may have been going wrong and how to fix it! If you’ve been struggling to achieve the finished look you’ve been desiring, then this is the course for you!

PLUS, earn a beautiful new certificate to hang on your wall upon completion of the course!  Investing in your education and levelling up your skills means you have every right to increase your prices and scale up your business.

Investing in your education is investing in the success of your business!


33 Lessons

$369 CAD

Course Curriculum

  • 1.1 – Welcome!

  • 1.2 – Advanced Gel Structure and Shaping Manual Review

  • Downloadable Student Handbook

  • 1.3 – Testing Gels for Pinching Cure Times

  • 1.4 – Pinching 101

  • 1.5 – Form Customization 101

  • 1.6 – Comparing Forms

  • 1.7 – Hand Filing 101

  • 1.8 – Bevelling the Tip

  • 1.9 – Electric Filing 101

  • 1.10 – Types of E-File Bits

  • 1.11 – E-File Manicure

  • 1.12 Do it Yourself!

  • 2.0 – Sculpting a Long Square Nail

  • 2.1 – Using your E File to Shape a Square Nail

  • 2.2 Do it Yourself!

  • 2.3 – Sculpting a Long Stiletto Nail

  • 2.4 – Using your E File to Shape a Long Stiletto Nail

  • 2.5 Do it Yourself!

  • 2.6 – Sculpting a Long Oval Nail

  • 2.7 – Using your E File to Shape an Oval Nail

  • 2.8 Do it Yourself!

  • 3.0 – Sculpting Long Coffin Nails with a Pinching Tool

  • 3.1 – Building the Apex on Long Coffin Nails

  • 3.2 – E-filing Long Coffin Nails

  • 3.3 – Sculpting & Shaping Long Stilettos (pinching with fingers)

  • 3.4 – BONUS VIDEO – Troubleshooting for a FLAWLESS Colour Application

  • 3.5 – Do it Yourself!

  • 3.6 – Comparing C-Curves (non-angled vs angled forms on square or coffin)

  • 3.7 – Extreme C-curve with Form Angling!

  • 3.8 – Let Us Know What You Think!

  • 3.9 – What’s Next?

What makes Halo stand out from other academies?

Halo Nail Academy is a top-tier nail school created by a well-established nail artist who has a burning desire to share her knowledge and passion for nails with the world!  Our founder, Keesha Carpenter (also known as @electriknailz), created Halo Nail Academy, because she wants everyone to have access to quality education.

Unfortunately, a lot of nail courses are taught by uninspired nail techs who are tired of doing nails and started teaching as a result.  Sadly, their lack of passion shows in their education as well as their students’ work. 

Keesha started teaching, however, for the exact opposite reason!  She actually started teaching because she is so passionate about what she does and want nothing more than to help others build businesses like hers!  Keesha LOVES nails, and it shows in her education and students work!

Keesha has real, hands-on experience and is up to date with the hottest trends and techniques, as well as valuable insight for her students on how to become a successful self-made nail tech like her!

Did you Know?

Your nail education is a tax write off?  That’s right!  Just save your e-receipt when you purchase any of our courses and give it to your accountant when you file your taxes!



Why Earn your Nail Certification Online?

The ability to learn completely at your own pace and on your own schedule!

The ability to learn completely at your own pace and on your own schedule!

That's right. You define your ideal schedule for learning your new career.

A more comfortable and relaxed learning environment.

A more comfortable and relaxed learning environment.

Who wouldn't want to train for their new career in their PJ's?

A budget friendly option to start a rewarding career as a Certified Nail Technician

A budget friendly option to start a rewarding career as a Certified Nail Technician

Upgrade your career without spending a fortune.

Perfect for moms or anyone unable to make time to go to school!

Perfect for moms or anyone unable to make time to go to school!

It's tough to find time for yourself, let alone school. We got you.

Yay! We are so excited for you to get started!

To pay your $369 tuition, you can pay in full or in instalments – Halo Nail Academy is now partnered with the Buy Now Pay Later options offered by Affirm!  Select Affirm as your method of payment in the check out to view your payment plan options.